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All American Property Management is the means by which you turn investment
real estate into money.  Property management is not just leasing a property to a renter and walking away or just collecting a rent check every month.  Property Management is the daily maintenance of the tenant-landlord relationship.  Tenant-landlord relationship is very important to renting success.  It includes effective communication, property maintenance, periodic inspections, repairs and improvements.  Rental property requires diligent care. 

At All American Property Management our knowledge of Landlord/Tenant Law is one of the many reasons you hire us, our staff handles phone calls, leasing, sales appointments, tenant requests for information, late night emergency calls, rent collection, evictions, work orders, maintenance, contractors, city, county and other government entities, licensing, inspections, fire marshals, advertising, trash collection, housing authority, lawyers, peddlers, agents, gas and other utilities, storm damage, and all the necessary services.

We apply our skills and experience in solving problems that typically arise in rental properties to ensure both, owner and tenant satisfaction.  Keeping tenants happy is the key to maximize return on your investment. 

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Our flexible reporting and analysis capabilities keep you fully informed, providing you with an accurate accounting of your property‚Äôs financial performance.  Together with any building-specific reports that you may require, we will provide you with:

  • Work Order Histories
  • Leasing Activity Reports
  • Lease Renewal Reports
  • Semi Annual Inspections
  • Rent Collection Summaries and Receivables Ledgers


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